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Management Committee

As the executive body of ESA, the Management Committee is responsible for the day to day management and oversees the smooth functioning of the Association.


The Management Committee responds to the General Assembly and is composed of a limited number of members elected by the General Assembly and allows ESA to react quickly to emerging issues and to provide the appropriate industry representation.


The membership in the Management Committee reflects the different interests of all Members in a balanced way.


The mission of the Management Committee is to implement the policy established by the General Assembly. The role of the Management Committee is to

  • Monitor the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and actions as approved by the General Assembly

  • Act as the managerial platform for all activities within the ESA

  • Ensure the appropriate balanced representation of industry at European institutions, bodies and working groups

  • Oversee the activities of the Technical and Statistics Committees

  • Review the statistical exercise process, ensuring the correctness and adequacy of the statistical process, without discussing any statistical information generated by the Cefic Statistics department. In this function, the Management Committee acts in strict cooperation with ESA Manager and Cefic Statistician, in strict compliance with competition law and Cefic’s statistical rules.

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