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The European Sulphuric Acid Association

ESA is the Cefic Sector Group bringing European sulphuric acid stakeholders together. ESA full members are producers of SO2, sulphuric acid or oleum through the conversion of SO2 to SO3. ESA associate members are, among others, chemical companies using sulphuric acid in their processes, and trade companies, transport and distribution companies and recyclers with an interest in sulphuric acid. All members have an interest in contributing to the objectives of ESA.


ESA represents and defends the interest of the sulphuric acid, oleum, sulphur trioxide and sulphur dioxide industry at national and international levels. ESA also provides a forum to discuss and resolve issues of general and technical interest.


Key objectives

The key objectives for ESA are to

  • Ensure that all members are equipped with knowledge and information to comply with industry regulations relating to sulphuric acid, oleum, sulphur trioxide and sulphur dioxide

  • Anticipate regulatory issues and, where appropriate, develop common positions to address them

  • Monitor and influence regulatory issues by presenting industry's views to the competent authorities

  • Address health, safety, environmental and toxicology issues relating to sulphuric acid, oleum, sulphur trioxide and sulphur dioxide

  • Collect and monitor statistical data with respect to the European sulphuric acid market

  • Inform the public and the competent authorities on the role and place of sulphuric acid in the economy

  • Provide a forum where experience in health and safety issues can be exchanged between all partners, in particular regarding safe transportation

  • Contribute to the development of up to date standards for life cycle analyses, footprints etc.

Read more about our meetings, our structure and who our members are.

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