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The Technical Committee members are putting expertise together around Health, Safety and Environmental aspects of their products


  • Safety at the workplace

  • Best Available Techniques

  • Best practices for safe use and storage of sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide

  • Responsible Care

  • Extended Safety Data Sheets for sulphuric acid, oleum, sulphur trioxide and sulphur dioxide

  • Global Product Strategy and Product Safety Summaries

  • Transportation and packaging

  • Other regulations and legislative aspects

Transport oleum safely (in German)

from VCI website (Oleum richtig transportieren)

Repair of sulphuric acid pipes (in German)

from VCI webiste (Vom Umgang mit schwefelsäureführenden Rohrleitungen bei Reparaturen)

Sulphuric acid mist at the workplace

In December 2009 the Commission Directive 2009/161/EU has set a new Indicative Occupational Exposure Limits Value (IOELV) for sulphuric acid mist (0.05mg/m³ time weighted average of 8 hours).

Article 4.1. of the Directive states that “Member States shall bring into force the necessary laws, regulations and administrative provisions to comply with this Directive by 18 December 2011 at the latest.”

The exposure of 0.05mg/m3 must be measured in the thoracic fraction.

The ESA proposes a methodology “Sampling and Determination of Sulphuric Acid Mist”, which has been accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) according ISO 17025. Documentation on the proposed method is freely available on simple request, please contact us.

European companies where workers are likely to be exposed to sulphuric acid mist are encouraged to take contact with their national association/authorities for ensuring compliance.

The UK National Sulphuric Acid Association (NSAA) has designed a comprehensive guide for measuring and controlling sulphuric acid mist in the workplace.

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